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3 good things (wild bird version) November 17, 2009

Posted by Beth in 3 Good Things.

The weather has been warm and calm lately, inviting many walks on the beach and the bluffs overlooking it. I rarely go alone, so in addition to exercise and enjoyment of my beautiful environment, I get to revel in companionship.

Sunday, I was able to capture two of my favorite birds on camera. The third is one which I frequently get to see, but have been unable to get on my own so I am posting a clip from youtube.

1. Miss Clavel birds.
Whenever these silly shorebirds scurry away from a wave, which ends up happening quite a lot, it reminds me of the way Miss Clavel (from the book Madeline) leans forward as she rushes from place to place.

2. Snowy egret
My chickens strut when they walk, jabbing their heads forward with each step, but it never is a graceful as this long-necked bird.

3. White-tailed kite
Fall is hawk-migration time and I frequently get to see these gorgeous birds soaring and hovering above the field between my house and the bluffs. The black and white markings are stunning. Some day I hope to get my own clip of this.


1. Lynne - November 18, 2009

Thanks for posting these lovely little videos. It gave me a few minutes of joy watching the birds move yesterday.

I love Miss Clavel! You seemed to be amazingly close to that egret. The kite is pretty spectacular looking! Clearly, they’re hard to capture on film.

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