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Back! January 4, 2019

Posted by Beth in Uncategorized.

Today is January 3, 2019.

I’ve been away a long time. Years! Full of good stuff, hard stuff, and some bad stuff too.

What brings me back is the practice I implemented here years ago – Three Good Things.

Recent reading on the positive affects of gratitude on health reminded me and inspired me to return.

So – for today:

Three Goods Things (that I am grateful for):

  1. An incredible sunset viewed from my deck.
  2. A fire in my fireplace bringing warmth and light and a sense of “hominess” to my living room.
  3. A quiet day spent packing up Christmas and then reading a book long on my “to read” list.

I have no idea if any of my former blog friends are still out there somewhere. Hope you are and that you will chime in.

What good things are happening in your lives?

Looking forward to my best year ever!


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