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1 Good Thing June 22, 2010

Posted by Beth in 3 Good Things.
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Because sometimes, one is enough.

3 good things (hot shower version) June 15, 2010

Posted by Beth in 3 Good Things.

Since I am currently spending the nights at my in-laws in order to help out with a post-op recovery, I don’t always take the time to shower after I get home  in the morning. Today I did. For some inexplicable reason, it was an especially luxuriant experience today.


1. The subtle, provocative aroma of lavender suds

2. The silky, sleek sensation of my hair when rinsing out the conditioning lotion

3. The squeaky softness of my face following a cleansing scrub

3+  Streaming hot water gliding over every nook and cranny, waking while warming me


OK OK so I cheated–but it was all too good no to include!

3 good things (personal support version) April 2, 2010

Posted by Beth in 3 Good Things.
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I checked in to my own blog today and realized it had been a while since posting here. Only a little over a week in fact, but in many ways it feels like forever. My last post still captures my background mood–mourning over the loss of our healthcare freedom–but it also reminded me of the importance of starting each morning acknowledging at least 3 good things.

1. Jang Geum — an inspiration in relentless integrity; art which achieves its fundamental purpose.

2. My mother-in-law–for loving me in spite of our political differences, and being the friend and mother I hope to be

3. My virtual friend Lynne–whose recent email allowed me to experience the emotional sustenance possible from someone applying the trader principle and the virtue of justice to spiritual matters as well as the material.

3 good things (Now’s the Time Version) March 11, 2010

Posted by Beth in 3 Good Things.
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1. The sun is out.

2. My husband is at work. The kids are at school.

3. The house cleaners just left.

I have a sparkling clean, neat, quiet home for at least an hour until my daughter comes home from school.

Visit NOW!

It won’t last.

Next chance….two weeks from now.

3 good things (1st Place version) February 7, 2010

Posted by Beth in 3 Good Things, Music.

1. Eva
2. Her songs
3. A chance to shine

Last night was the 3rd Annual Talent Show at our local high school. Performers danced, sang, hip-hopped, played piano, guitar and drums. Lots of talent. Lots of fun.

Much to our delight and surprise (most of the judges were young males into metal and hiphop) she was awarded 1st place –and a cash prize of $150. Do I see a new guitar in her future? (She had to borrow one for the show.)

Here’s the 2 songs my daughter performed, both pieces she composed.

Take My Hand

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