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Sunday Morning November 1, 2009

Posted by Beth in Personal.

AFoggyMorningQuiet.  Calm. Foggy.

Everyone else is asleep–catching up on rest after a demanding week and a fun-filled Halloween.

Thanks to setting the clocks back, we all get an extra hour of time.

What will I do with it, this gift of early morning light? What do I want to do with this extra hour of solitude?

So much I could do, want to do.

Take a walk on the ocean bluff, like yesterday, when I was able to share a magic moment, watching a great blue heron, silhouetted in the blue-grey fog,  jut and strut, stalking its meal hidden in the misty field.

Browse the web…catching up on news, or  fascinating video clips recommended by blogfriends.

Work on my next post for Wealth is Not the Problem. I love the struggle to find the best words and logic with which to communicate why I believe a people whose government limits itself to the protection of individual rights is not only the most fruitful, but the most peaceful, compassionate and respectful of human life.

Catch up on my way-over-due reading for by MOBseter’s on-line book club.

Work on my new encaustic project…sitting on my desk, beckoning–almost but not quite taunting  me,  right next to the 2-inch stack of article printouts on health-care reform, and the other 2-inch-stack on climate change.

Upload photos from last night–All Hallows Eve–and post on how much I love this holiday with its goulish trappings, which if you aren’t careful will distract you from its REAL meaning: the benevolent sharing of the bounty of our “harvests” with neighbors–friends and strangers; the childhood love of sweets–a joy not to be forgotten without the risk of turning into a scrooge; the pleasure of living out a small and secret fantasy or dream–if just for one night.

Ah, so much to do.

Life is full.


1. Lynne - November 1, 2009

Your post reminded me of the card I got from Fiddler for my birthday. It read: “‘The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.’ Frank Lloyd Wright.”

I agree.

Now, I have to go read Ninety-Three in which I am way behind. Nevermind the art project on which I totally failed to follow-through. I bought art, though. Does that count?

Have a great remainder of your Sunday.

2. Beth - November 2, 2009

Great quote!

The excitement of 93 is a fascinating contrast to the warmth and calm I am experiencing at the moment—both abstractly in my life, and concretely on my deck.

What art did you buy?

3. Lynne - November 2, 2009


I like to look at it and it helps me to frame things correctly.

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