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T.E.A. Party April 16, 2009

Posted by Beth in Personal.

Taxed Enough Already

The crowd in Atlanta was close to 16,000.–much better organized than the small, relatively spontaneous but enthusiastic crowd which I joined outside of the San Jose IRS building (see photos below.) In Atlanta, live speakers were accompanied by a huge screen displaying one minute clips of citizens speaking their minds: sharing both what they believe IN as well as offering criticism. It’s only because of all the things which are right about this country that we are able to speak so bluntly about what is wrong. How wonderful to have the freedom to speak–as well as the wealth necessary to provide individual citizens the opportunity and the means to express such great ideas!  The clip below includes a friend’s portion (Go Jenn!) Check it out at minutes 1:12-2:30.

Below are photos from the San Jose Tea Party. It was cold and windy even though it looks so sunny. The mood was up beat and positive–not angry or violent. There were moms with young children, well-dressed white-haired women who looked as though they could have been on their way to church, a middle-aged man in a wheel chair, another man in full Harley-Davidson leathers, businessmen and business women, old and young. Many racial backgrounds. Typical Americans.

Spontaneous conversations struck up everywhere. People driving by would honk and signal “thumbs up” –triggering cheers and more energetic waving of signs. It really did have the atmosphere of a party. People were obviously proud of coming out to declare what they are FOR as much as what they are against. I was impressed by the creativity of the signs, and the fact that so many of them indicated an understanding of how our government is moving toward socialism and how destructive socialism is to our liberty and prosperity. I am really glad I was part of it.


tax-day-my-sign1 tax-day-rinat john-galt-21 tax-day-flag-guy tax-day-atmcaptialism-fairness tax-day-capitalism tax-day-not-free-loaders tax-day-founders-3 tax-day-guns0money-freedomtax-day-kids tax-day-generation-exploitation tax-day-socialism-is-theft1 tax-day-thumbs-down tax-day-016 tea-party


1. Rational Jenn - April 17, 2009

Thanks for the link! Really appreciate it!

2. Heike Larson - April 19, 2009


Is that San Jose, CA? If so – you might like to check out the blog for Golden Gate Objectivists – goldengateobjectivistgroup.blogspot.com. We participated in the San Francisco Tea Party with about a dozen local people carrying Ayn Rand-themed posters.

I really like your blog – and am a mom of two little ones in the East Bay – maybe we can connect, too…

3. Seeing the Economy Everywhere « AisA Academy - May 4, 2009

[…] of government into our private lives. The number of people who are protesting this on blogs and at T.E.A. Parties is encouraging, but it seems as though the bulk of U.S. citizens do not find this intervention […]

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