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April’s fool April 2, 2009

Posted by Beth in Personal.

Thank goodness for my daughter and her endless energy. I had thought about what to do for April Fool’s day–then when I was not instantaneously struck with an idea on what to do (I had already rejected my son’s friend’s suggestion of  mustard-and-mayonnaise sandwiches to replace my son’s daily packed lunch of PB&J as just too cruel since he is currently skipping breakfast)–I rapidly moved on to the other tasks of the day.

Much later, pulling into the driveway in the dark  after visiting a neighbor at the hospital who just put his wife into comfort-only care –not a great opportunity for joviality–something odd caught my eye. A clump of willowy stalks were sticking up at odd angles from a patch in my front lawn.  As I approached my front steps, I was greeted by the miracle of  tropical flowers blooming along our front walk!  “That’s strange,” I thought, “What in the world possessed Eva to do that?”  At the front door was a sign “April Fools” and I had my answer.  So much better than last several years with the saran-wrap on the toilet seat, and the rubber-band on the kitchen sink sprayer.

Here’s what they looked like this morning:

april-fools-flowers-014-blog3 april-fools-flowers-015-blog april-fools-flowers-016-blog

But the best came later when I pulled back the covers to crawl into bed:

april-fools-006 april-fools-009

And a few close ups of this inspired creativity:

april-fools-012-blog1 april-fools-013-blog

(I particularly love the detail of the hairy chest.)

I sure hope I can live up to this challenge and not be such an old fuddy-duddy next year.  Better start plotting planning now.



1. mossoffawpcom - April 2, 2009

Those are the most benevolent April Fools jokes I’ve ever seen. Nice!

2. Lynne - April 3, 2009

Yes, Beth, planning is key. Sadly, there was no planning this year, but here are some of my favorites from years past:

Epoxy change onto the ground at the school bus stop in front of our house the night before. When my son went out to wait for the bus I approached slowly with the camera and cackled wildly at the children desperately trying to pick up the coins.

I made mini donettes out of homemade clay one year, gave my son dog food instead of Cocoa Puffs once (they look amazingly alike), and froze the cereal in my daughters’ bowls. They all should have known something was up because I never call them down to a prepared breakfast! (I think a donut was bitten, but nothing was eaten.)

A few years back I loosely sewed both my daughter’s “clothes for the morning” together. As a testament to the organized state of their clothing and awareness in the morning, neither one noticed.

This year – nothing but a pathetic attempt “Look out the window! I think school’s going to be cancelled” for the older girl. At least the little one made a pretty decent attempt year by hiding the toothpaste on me. “Damn, when did we run out of toothpaste?” Giggle.

I always considered the saran wrap toilet bowl thing, but rejected it knowing I’d be the one cleaning up the mess. Or how about setting up gelatin in the toilet bowl? After poaching egg whites in the pipes, how bad can that be?

Think, think, think. Next year’s got to be good.

3. Kim - April 3, 2009

So great. Love the people. I have driven past houses that just have plastic tulips in their window boxes (outside) all year. Perhaps they just wanted to remember an April Fools’ prank?

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