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My CPL in a Poem March 21, 2009

Posted by Beth in Personal.

Saturday morning.  Grey, cloudy, cool, contemplative. My family is all still tucked away between their warm, flannel sheets. I browse through the news and my favorite blog commentators. So hard not to become discouraged by the barrage of statist measures spewing forth from our new administration and Congress (no party is  exempted.)

Mindless blame casting. Mangling and misrepresenting economic principles.  Belligerent self-righteousness empty of any pretense  of responsibility. I want to crawl back under the sheets and ignore it all.

So let me give thanks to LB over at 3 Ring Binder for her gentle reminder of what my life is truly about.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Woman Reasons

Four reasons prompt her choices of the day;
There are four reasons in the woman’s mind:
She has her Home, clutter to keep at bay
Safe for living, even for the dirt-blind:
She has her Children, oh sweet young being
Whose righteous growth she must attend
And remind herself that daily overseeing
Is about the means and not the end:
Her Husband is part of her ageless plan
That halves the sorrow and doubles the joy
Remembering that while she married the man,
She remains the girlfriend to the boy:
She has her Self and about this she is wise;
Knowing Self is that on which all the rest lies.
No apologies required.

Inspired by and with apologies to John Keats’ The Human Seasons

No apologies needed.


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