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3 good things (pulling weeds version) March 9, 2009

Posted by Beth in 3 Good Things.

Yesterday the sun came out after several days of storms. (Remember my rainbow?) The rain was good. We needed it, being in a drought and all, though I’d much prefer to take my rain sunny and dry, if I could.

The ground was thoroughly soaked and soggy, which makes for very easy (if muddy) weed pulling. Up came the sour grass. I have such mixed feelings when I pull it out–the buttery-yellow flowers are so cheerful and bright against the greenery.


But they do take over, covering up the colors and textures I planted on purpose. So -out they go.

So what were my three good things? As I worked in my garden, on my knees, or bending over and over again, scratched by the evergreens, mud collecting on my shoes and under my nails, I was greeted by wonderful wafts of fragrance,  and by tiny purple blossoms as my sweet reward.

1) lavender   lavender

2) rosemary    rosemary

3) camomille   camomille

And I left a couple of sour grass, just because.


1. Lynne - March 9, 2009

Lavender, rosemary, even sourgrass! These pictures made me happy. Someday we may even get something green, yellow, or purple here, too.

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