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The Teenage Sleep-over December 7, 2008

Posted by Beth in Personal.

I couldn’t help but smile at the scene which greeted me this morning.  It all started as a simple Saturday of hanging out, and ended in an orgy of pizza, orange soda and all-night gaming. Ah, to be young!!  I woke up briefly several times during the night to the sounds of low, rumbling laughter mixed with high-pitched giggles and chairs rolling over the hardwood floor. There was still movement going on when I woke up and got in the shower at 5:30. (Yes, that is my usual getting-up time. I work best fresh when the house is quiet.)


 By the time I got upstairs though, everyone was crashed out, sprawled in various places throughout the living-dining-family rooms, having grabbed whatever blankets and sleeping bags they could muster. The dining room table was covered with the electronic remnants of their battles and adventures. All is deceptively calm and quiet, providing only clues to the fun which kept them going through the night into morning.


Remember anything similar from your high-school-college years?

I am still having a great time in life, I just do it at more civilized hours these days.

I wonder what they will all accomplish when they finally turn all that energy toward something productive.


When they finally do, I hope they don’t forget to play.


Here’s a peek at what I found.

The Game Table

The Game Table


Sweet dreams boys.


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