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My Backyard Ladies November 8, 2008

Posted by Beth in Personal.

Back to lighter subjects.

We have had chickens for the past 10 years. Several different flocks, unfortunately, as we worked to be smarter than the racoons and weasels. They actually were the kids’ first pets. When in 4-H, Ben and Eva were in charge of their care, but now they are pretty much all mine, and I love them. I think of them as living lawn ornaments. So silly and dumb, and yet exotic and beautiful.

This is the first set that hasn’t been named. I guess we’ll have to work on that!


1. LB - November 11, 2008

That is so cool. Stephen wants chickens in the worst way and I’m starting to come around to the idea after really enjoying watching our adopted turkeys. Any advice on chicken keeping (even on the best books to read before hand) would be greatly appreciated.

They’re pretty in a chickeny sort of way. Love the spats!

2. haynesbe - November 11, 2008

A good place to start is Your chickens: A Kid’s Guide to Raising and Showing by Gail Damerow, Storey Publishing.

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