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A New Start June 30, 2008

Posted by Beth in Personal.

Hi all.

This is my “other” blog.  I have decided to keep my first blog “Wealth is not the Problem” for posts specific to the economic and political aspects of “wealth as the solution.” This blog will be for more personal topics like parenting, homeschooling and my life away from politics. (Do I really have such a thing?) 

AisA Academy is the name of my homeschool, and now also my curriculum consulting business. ( I only have one customer and that is PLENTY for now.)  The name is a scrunched up form of A is A, which is Aristotle’s Law of Identity.  This is a key premise in my life.  Basically it stands for this: reality is what it is independent of our minds, and there are no contradictions in reality.  If you think you have run into a contradiction, one of your premises must be wrong.  It’s a guide for thinking about the world at all levels.

So welcome.  Thanks for taking the time to share in my life.



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