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Reposting Remembrance May 28, 2011

Posted by Beth in Uncategorized.

I am busy fighting in a different way for our freedom–so I am recycling a post from before.

Wishing you all best memories on this Memorial Day weekend.

1. My Dad- WWII


2.My Grandfather- WWI

Kurrus Family 033

3. My Great Uncle – WWI

Kurrus Family 305

3+. My father-in-law   WWII

I am grateful for their courage to fight for our freedom, and for the fact that they survived.

(I am also grateful to Rational Jenn for the idea of this tribute.)

Addendum 11/13/09: Catching up on my reading, I came across the following excellent summary of “What We Owe Our Soldiers“:

What we owe these men who fight so bravely for their and our freedom is to send them to war only when that freedom is truly threatened, and to make every effort to protect their lives during war–by providing them with the most advantageous weapons, training, strategy, and tactics possible.


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