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All my girls are growing up April 17, 2011

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Last week I put the chicks outside into the big coop. As a transition, I kept them locked inside their cage-inside-the-coop for two days. A few days ago, I opened the door to the cage, but even though they were free to come out and explore, the chicks stayed close to their known world. Hovering close to water and feed.


Today, the chicks have finally ventured outside into the yard. Mabel is definitely the bravest and the leader of the three. Queenie is the chicken of the group, so to speak. She goes where the others go for fear of being left alone.

The big girls pretty much ignore them–which is a good thing. This happened the last time I introduced new girls to the pack. They are a rather cliquish bunch of hens—but I expect they will eventually meld into one happy flock.

And then there is my other girl.

Today she is off to Boston to hang out with her cousins for spring break. Her first solo flight. Suitcase in one hand, passport and boarding pass in the other, equal parts nervousness and excitement, she headed through security and off to her adventure.  When she gets home on Friday, we head off to the DMV for her to take her learner’s permit test.

All of my girls are growing up and gaining independence.

And I get to stand back and beam with joy.



1. Lynne - April 17, 2011

Well, we’ve ordered up a beautiful day for her Bostonian adventure (the best we can do relatively speaking) so I hope it’s the beginning of a fabulous trip!

Love the chickens.

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