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Ideas for Change in America February 8, 2010

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Here’s a cool idea using the power of the internet to tap into the resources of the general population.

Here’s the explanation for the website, Ideas for Change in America:

Ideas for Change in America is a crowd-sourcing competition that empowers citizens to identify and build momentum around the most innovative ideas for addressing challenges our country faces…

How it Works

Beginning January 20, 2010, individuals and organizations everywhere can go to http://www.change.org/ideas to (1) submit ideas for change they want to see implemented, (2) discuss these ideas with others, and (3) vote for their favorite ideas from around the country and promote them across the web.

During the first round of voting, ideas will be organized into 20 different issue-based categories. First round voting ends at 5pm ET on February 18th, at which point the three top ranked ideas in each category will advance to the second (and final) round of voting, starting February 22, 2010. In this final round, all 60 qualifying ideas (top three in each of 20 categories) will be in open competition. The final round of voting concludes at 5pm ET on March 4th, and the 10 most popular ideas at the conclusion of voting will be named winners – the “Top 10 Ideas for Change in America.”

Be sure to check out a specific freedom-based solution being offered to address the problem of health care costs and access:

Allow private citizens to associate freely and provide health insurance based on individual preferences and risk factors.

Read the essay, and if you find it sensible, please support it with your vote. It would be fantastic to see this make it to the finals.

A solution that increases access and choice while decreasing cost and preserving individual freedom. What’s not to like?

For more information on freedom-respecting solutions for increasing health care affordability, check into the following organizations:
AAPS -American Association of Physicians and Surgeons http://www.aapsonline.org/
FIRM -Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine http://www.westandfirm.org/index.html
AFCAM Americans for Free Choice in Medicine http://www.afcm.org/

Patient Power http://www.patientpowernow.org/free-market-health-care-summary/


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