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Political Strategy January 29, 2010

Posted by Beth in Politics.

Lately, I have been receiving phone calls from various Republican fund raising bodies on an almost daily basis, and although I am sympathetic to some of their agenda, there is enough I dislike about the standard “conservative agenda”  and entrenched Republican politicians, I am unwilling to give the GOP any of my money.

I think of myself as a Reluctant Republican. I registered Republican so I can vote in the California primaries, but most of my votes in the recent past have been votes against the Democrats rather than for the Republicans. Not very inspiring or satisfying.

The recent escalating threats–as well as the concrete attacks– on our freedoms are too grave for me to ignore or remain inactive. So here is what I am planning to do.

I will watch for individual candidates who support a government limited to the protection of the individual rights of life, liberty and property. This means those who will promote economic freedom, equality before the law, and the simultaneous lowering of taxes and government spending. Those individuals and organizations will recieve my financial support–where ever they are in this country.

Occasionally, I may support a less-than-ideal candidate in an important race in order to send a specific message. The recent election in Massachusetts fit that bill when circumstances (and Scott Brown) turned the Senatorial race into a national referendum on Obamacare. (Message sent, but apparently not heard.)

My other goal is to expand my audience beyond blogging by submitting letters to the editor. Each essay I write will also be sent simultaneously to all three of my national congressmen (2 Senators and one Rep in the House.) In addition, I will also now send them to my state representatives. Much of what I envision speaking out about will be relevant at both the state and national level…so why not get as much millage as possible out of my time and effort?

We need to speak up. We need to let the politicians know that we are paying attention and we are not stupid. We  will not be fooled by such ludicrous claims as ObamaCare will reduce the deficit, or that the deals made with states and special interest groups are “compromises” –when they are in fact nothing less than bribes, kickbacks and extorsions.

And when I receive those phone calls from the Republicans, or money requests through the mail, I am telling them why I am not sending them money, and will not, until I see substantial evidence that they truly are going to work to reduce the intrusion of government into our private lives. There is a difference between a statist Republican and a statist Democrat. Just not enough.


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