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New Post for the New Year January 5, 2010

Posted by Beth in Art.

I am swamped trying to tie up last year’s loose ends and clear off my desk  before plunging back into projects I set aside in order to enjoy the holidays with my family. There’s the holiday cards to finish, Christmas clutter to rearrange, news to catch up on….and so on and so forth.  While I focus on cleaning, I’d like to share with you some of my my son’s encaustic art. I love his playfulness, inventiveness and interest in experimenting  with different media to embed,textures and techniques. Here are som of my favorites:

Experiment with color:

With texture:

Embedding fabric:

Feather and fireflies:


But perhaps his most intriguing piece is one he says he constructed by adding the wax while holding the piece up-side-down.

His imagination is admirable.


1. Rinat - January 6, 2010

These are beautiful pieces!!! I love the endless possibilities that encaustic art brings.
Thanks for sharing.

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