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3 good things – (Medical “miracles” version) September 30, 2009

Posted by Beth in 3 Good Things.

E,E, L

1. On Monday, we found out that after 4 out of 6 chemotherapy cycles, my father-in-law’s lymphoma is no longer detectable by CT scan.

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2. Emergency surgery saved the life of my best friend from high school, removing a chronically inflamed appendix prior to its rupture.

3. My daughter’s CT scan shows shows that her symptoms of over 2 months are not due to a sinus infection so she scan stop taking antibiotics and get more aggressive in controlling her allergies.Eva propfile photo cropped adj

I understand people’s frustration with the growing expense of medical care, but let’s not forget there is much good that we gain from the money we spend, especially those “little things”–like the lives of those we love.


1. Lynne - September 30, 2009

What terrific news! Thanks for sharing such good things.

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