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Speaking Up through Books April 8, 2009

Posted by Beth in Miscellaneous Musings.

I have decided to participate in book campaign this month.  The basic idea is to innundate politicians with copies of Atlas Shrugged, accompanied by a letter which explains why the book’s ideas are important and particularly relevant to today. Choosing the month of April to concentrate the mailings should increase its notability. Details of the campaign can be found by clicking on the banner below.

A secondary effect is to keep sales of Atlas Shrugged in the top ten on best-sellers lists.

Copies can be purchased from Amazon.com for around $10 plus shipping, but I was able to find them a bit cheaper through bookfinder.com: new copies for $8.45 and used for around $6. (These prices include shipping!) The cost adds up, so for right now I am just sending them to President Obama, the 2 California Senators, my representative in the House, and Mr. Geithner. (Lisa K.–I also nabbed a copy for James)
Atlas Shrugged Book Campaign

The essential story is…but I don’t want to give it away. Just let me say, there is a lot about the effects of government trying to run the economy. Yes, the story is fiction, but the theme is not. That man’s life depends on the freedom to use his mind in his own self-interest is the truth which underlies all potential effective solutions–moral and practical–to the problems we face today.
If you haven’t read the book, I would suggest giving it a go–and then let me know what you think!


1. leslie pitts - April 8, 2009

Beth –
Excellent idea, and we will participate.
Rush Limbaugh should hear about this – he frequently discusses sales, etc. of Atlas Shrugged, and the Fox News guys should know about this too – they would probably help to promote it. (Tom Sullivan/radio, Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck). I’ll look into it.

Sending thousands of these books to Obama and Geithner presumes that these people don’t know what they’re doing, when unfortunately, they clearly know what they’re doing.

I like it!
Leslie Pitts

2. NS - April 8, 2009

if you don’t buy it from amazon, it won’t go on their bestseller list (and short of the new York times, are there any others that matter?)

3. haynesbe - April 8, 2009

NS – good point. I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll have to decide between my wallet and boosting the lists.

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