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Young Actor’s Workshop and the Haunted House October 29, 2008

Posted by Beth in Personal.

Every year,  Young Actor’s Workshop puts on a Haunted House in order to raise money during our town’s pumpkin festival.  The past several years, we have been working out of an old barn owned by the historical society which has added a very realistic background to our spooky fantasy. This year we had a new theme: Pirates!! It’s a wonderful project which involves entire families and somewhat loony community members. the kids are the primary actors inside the house, while the adults act as tour guides. Wish you all could come see it live, but here’s some photos instead. (Because I don’t know how some parent’s feel about having their kids photos up on the internet, I am only including adults, my kids and other kids only if they are sufficiently disguised by costume.  If I get permission, I will add some others later.)

Here are two lovely ladies waiting to send the victims..um..err…visitors through the house.

And below are Ben and Eva. Ben wears a mask as he watches the crowd, interacting with those waiting in line to go through the house. Through a hidden microphone, he is able to talk through Captain Bly, a life-size manikin shown further below. Eva works inside the house operating what are know as “control rooms.”  One of those control rooms operates this skeleton pirate whose eyes light up and jaw moves as Eva, hidden below under the deck of the ship, talks with the tour guide and group.





This is Betty. She usually lives in our garage coming out to spend Halloween on our front porch to welome the Trick-or-Treaters. This year she gained a beard and was put to work in the Haunted House.




Here is “Boris, ” one of the tour guides, threatening Captain Bly with his sword while Miss Shannon looks on.  

Then a few peaks inside the house and out:





And a last tribute to the Grand Masters of the Haunted House!!


1. Queen of the Sea - October 31, 2008

Thank you, Beth, for all the time and energy to honor our wonderful program and its continued efforts to create a fun “playground” for the children & families and to raise money for Young Actors Workshop’s student-created end-of-the-year play.

2. Kevy Nova Of The Sea - October 31, 2008

What a great time! Thank you for posting these and sending me the link, they came out beautifully. I am looking forward to next year…

3. Lisa Kairos - October 31, 2008

Thanks for the great post, Beth. Young actors is such an *amazing* group of people, and we and our kids are all so lucky to be a part of it. Can’t wait to see what these kids dream up for the spring play. Great photos- thanks for sharing…. now, to go check out the rest of them!

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