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AisA July 10, 2008

Posted by Beth in Education.

What is AisA Academy?  This is my homeschool, started somewhere around 1998 when I decided to keep my children home for their education rather than entrust them to a government institution. This decade-long journey has been quite the adventure. This site is dedicated to that process of home (parenting, family, friends) and school (resources, thoughts on pedagogy, experiences I want to share.) I expect it to reflect the patchwork our lives have been and continue to be.

Here we go!


1. Lady Justice « AisA Academy - May 28, 2009

[…] My logo for Aisa Academy is the Scales of Justice, one pan labelled “fact,” the other “value,” accomapnied by the motto “Ideas Matter.” I am realizing now that the statue above is more complete. The scales represent the judgment, the blindfold represents impartiality, but the sword represents the follow through, the action required to implement one’s impartial judgment.  All three are essential and so elegantly captured above. […]

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